Kankai Pipes & Fittings Private Limited

CPVC Pipes

We are a prominent Supplier, Manufacturer and Exporter of CPVC Pipes. CPVC Pipes are used in a number of applications such as plating and treatment, metal finishing, pulp and paper and agriculture. The major advantages of using the CPVC Pipes is that they are leak proof and possess a polished and smooth surface. Our unique range of CPVC Pipes enables safe usage and possesses a high flow capacity in order to supply water. The CPVC Pipes are manufactured according to our client needs.

Attributes :

  • Reliable
  • Cost effective
  • Rigid
  • Light weight

Benefits :

  • Low friction loss
  • Low wear resistance
  • No fungal or biological growth
  • Maintenance free
  • Affordable price

Specifications :

  • Tensile : 560 Kg/cm²
  • Flexural : 1057 Kg/cm²
  • Compressive : 707 KG/cm²
  • Low Thermal Conductivity : 0.137 W/m/K
  • Low Thermal Expansion : 1.95x10-5 m/m/K